Champlin History

The history of The Champlin Foundation stretches back to 1872 when Rhode Islander Stanton Byron Champlin established S.B. Champlin Company in Providence. Beginning as a jewelry business, it prospered and was the basis of an industrial empire that expanded into the manufacturing of aluminum, copper and brass tube, jewelry wire, valves, hand trucks, pipe fittings and hand pumps.

The Champlin Building, erected in 1888 at the corner of Chestnut and Ship Streets.

Through the leadership of Champlin, his son, George Byron Champlin, and grandson, George Stanton Champlin, this empire became a powerful economic engine that employed thousands and helped drive the economy of Rhode Island and the nation. In addition to being a force for economic growth, the Champlins became one of Rhode Island’s most philanthropic families.

As a result of a merger effective December 31, 2016, the three prior foundations known collectively as “The Champlin Foundations” were consolidated into one and are now referred to as “The Champlin Foundation”. The result of this merger will allow the foundation to operate more efficiently and allow for some meaningful cost savings which we anticipate being able to pass along to the non-profit community in the form of increased support.

Today, The Champlin Foundation has assets in excess of $400,000,000.