The Champlin Foundation now has three separate application timelines:

    Two cycles for traditional capital requests and one for camperships. Please note that at any time during the review process you may be contacted to provide additional documentation, answer questions, or schedule a site visit. For this reason, please be sure your contact information is accurate and complete.

    Capital Requests - Cycle One

    The online portal for capital grant applications opens at 12:00 am on December 15th and closes at 11:59 pm on January 15th. Application reviews begin after submission and continue throughout the winter and spring. The Distribution Committee will meet in late May to make their final decisions on funding requests. You will receive notice in the beginning of June and grant awards will be distributed by mid-June to those receiving support.

    Please note that Houses of Worship and Traditional Public Schools must apply in Cycle Two.


    Capital Requests - Cycle Two

    The online portal for capital grant applications opens at 12:00 am on June 1st and closes at 11:59 pm on July 1st. Application reviews begin after submission and continue throughout the summer and fall. The Distribution Committee will meet in mid-November to make their final decisions on funding requests. You will receive notice by the end of November and grant awards will be distributed by mid-December to those receiving support.


    Campership Requests

    The online portal for campership grant applications opens at 12:00 am on September 1st and closes at 11:59 pm on October 15th. Application reviews begin after submission and continue throughout the months of November and December. You will receive notice by the end of December and grant awards are distributed by mid-January to those receiving support.

    If you are a Rhode Island ACA accredited camp and have questions about your eligibility, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

    Tutorials & Resources

    Tutorials & Resources

    The team at The Champlin Foundation understands that time and resources are limited for our nonprofit colleagues, and we are grateful for the impact your work has on the State of Rhode Island and beyond. We strive to make our application process as clear as possible and have provided a number of resources to assist you in submitting your requests. Please review the application questions, the written guidelines, and the video tutorial by clicking on the corresponding links below. You can also find a list of the most frequently asked questions about using the online portal.

    Submit an Application

    Application Process

    The Champlin Foundation uses a web-based grant application hosted by Foundant Technologies, Inc. Prior to entering the portal, be sure that you have read and understand the guidelines and policies outlined here. Once you have gained access to the portal, you will be able to update your contact information, review your organization’s request history, and apply for a grant.

    As most communications are now done electronically, please remember to update the system should your information change at any time. If you have questions about accessing the portal or navigating the online application, please call or email our Grants & Systems Manager, Heather Fraser, at 401-944-9200 x115 or hfraser@champlinfoundation.org.

    Reporting Requirements

    Use of Funds Reporting

    Timely and accurate reporting on the expenditure of funds is mandatory in accordance with IRS regulations. Reports are due 12-months after the award distribution date, and continuing annually until the entire grant has been expended. Grants awarded in 2019 or earlier require this form to be completed and emailed to hfraser@champlinfoundation.org. Grants awarded in 2020 or after can be completed online by signing into our application portal here.

    Grant Communications

    Grant Communications Toolkit

    Grantees that receive funding from The Champlin Foundation are never required to acknowledge or promote the grant in any way. While we are happy to be included in the organization’s periodic donor listings, we ask that you not acknowledge the Foundation on an individual plaque, on any potential naming opportunity, or on a vehicle wrap.

    We do, however, appreciate that many grantees will want to share the news of a grant from The Champlin Foundation in order to promote their organization’s great work and highlight its important role in the communities they serve. We encourage you to use this grant as an opportunity to share your story, and trust that you know best what will resonate with your target audience.

    If you are looking for language describing your Champlin grant, please see below for a few suggestions that may be incorporated into a press release, newsletter, website, blog, email, or social media post. If you have additional questions on language, photos, logos, or acknowledgements, please contact John Faraone at jfaraone@champlinfoundation.org or 401-944-9200 x118.

    General Description

    When mentioning The Champlin Foundation in a press release or article, please use the boilerplate description provided below. Please note that ‘The’ should be capitalized when referencing the Foundation. If you’d like to amend this or need additional information, please email John Faraone.

    About The Champlin Foundation
    Since 1932, The Champlin Foundation has awarded more than $684 million to fund capital projects for Rhode Island nonprofit organizations. Its nine areas of focus cover Arts & Culture, Conservation & Parks, Education, Healthcare, Historic Preservation & Heritage, Libraries, Social Services, Welfare of Animals, and Youth Services. For more information visit ChamplinFoundation.org.

    Champlin Quote

    The Champlin Foundation issues a press release highlighting our grant recipients in both the spring and fall distribution cycles. Those releases are posted to our website in the news section. Grantees are welcome to reference the release from their funding cycle and use the quote attributed to the executive director in their own press release.

    Logo Use

    Please do not use The Champlin Foundation logo on vehicle wraps, permanent signage, or on materials used for advocacy work. You are permitted to use our logo on your website, communications, and donor lists where appropriate. Please use one of the two logos provided below.

    Logo – Single Line

    Logo – Stacked