Feb 18, 2020

In 2016, the Jamestown Arts Center (JAC) received funding from The Champlin Foundation to upgrade the audio-visual equipment in our multi-disciplinary arts space. The grant allowed us to purchase a new film screen and a new permanently-installed sound system to better address the dynamics of our acoustics. This has allowed the JAC to host a diverse range of events and performances, including screenings in collaboration with the Southeast New England Festival (SENE), FirstWorks, the Art & Design Film Festival, Providence Children’s Film Festival, and the Manhattan Short Film Festival.

In 2018, we were delighted to receive the SENE Festival Limelight Award in recognition of our important contributions to the arts community.

These equipment upgrades have also allowed us to collaborate with more local and national filmmakers and artists to host screenings, lectures, talks, and multi-media performances, and given us greater flexibility in hosting live music, dance, and theatre, such as our annual partnerships with the Brown/Trinity Rep M.F.A. Programs and the Heifetz International Music Institute.