Feb 18, 2020

With support from The Champlin Foundation, Everett was able to construct an addition to its theatre to provide new space for programming including after school performing arts classes for underserved youth in Providence and beyond.

In 2017, after the addition was completed, our students were amazed by the new classroom. When they entered the new entryway and saw the finished classroom they were blown away. One youth said incredulously, “This is for us?” And indeed it is, students from our video class immediately started putting it to good use, projecting videos from our summer youth employment program on the pristine white walls and conducting interviews for new movies they are burning to create. Case Closed!, our resident touring hip-hop theater company didn’t waste any time in utilizing the space, splitting into two groups with one working on choreography in the existing theater and another moving to the new classroom to work on a second piece.

These early examples are just the beginning of how this new space is going to affect our organization. This new small classroom is already having a big impact on how Everett serves its community.