Feb 18, 2020

Since 2012, the Champlin Foundation grants have transformed The Greenwich Odeum from an abandoned building to one of the premiere live performance theaters in Rhode Island. As a thriving small business, the Greenwich Odeum contributes to the local economy with each performance.

Since reopening the theater, our staff has grown from fully volunteer run to now employing two full time and five part time employees. For each of our 80 annual performances, additional technical staff are employed ranging from two to ten people depending upon the complexity of the performance. In providing the funding necessary for the theater to reopen, The Champlin Foundation grants have enabled job creation.

In one year, Greenwich Odeum events attract over 15,000 patrons with thousands traveling from other states, primarily from Massachusetts and Connecticut. These patrons support our local businesses and area restaurants plan staff needs around our event schedule, as performances result in a spike in demand.

Rhode Island publications point to a “Renaissance on Main Street” and The Greenwich Odeum plays a significant role. The impact of the Greenwich Odeum in the community is inextricably linked to our Champlin Foundation grants.