May 28, 2020

May 28, 2020

By Patrice Wood, NBC News 10

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This week’s Golden Apple Award goes to Katie Bowers, science teacher at Birchwood Middle School in North Providence. Bowers was described as an educator who works to meet not only the academic needs of her students, but also the emotional needs of the students and their families. She works with the Highlander Institute to coach other teachers, and during the pandemic, is involved with the distance learning “Helpline.”

Bowers teachers gardening and started a farm stand where students at Birchwood Middle School sell plants they have grown prior to the pandemic. She helped get a grant from The Champlin Foundation to build a greenhouse at the school, but now continues her teaching long-distance through “face-to-face virtual class meetings” from her home.

“My whole family, my mom, my best friend. Oh my gosh.” said Bowers when presented with the Golden Apple Award.

Bowers said her whole school has banded together.

“I just feel like we’ve been blossoming through this and we’ve shown our strength and I just feel really supported by my family,” said Bowers.

“I love the class and I love my teacher,” said one of her science students.