Feb 19, 2020

Making Every Rhode Island Public Library Collection a Click Away

Ocean State Libraries is a consortium of public libraries dedicated to serving the Rhode Island community by sharing materials, services, and electronic resources. Sit down at a computer station in any public library in Rhode Island and you are in for a high-quality computing experience due in no small part to generous technology grants awarded by the Champlin Foundation over the course of many years.

Champlin Foundation grants have helped Ocean State Libraries provide a robust online catalog that is used by Rhode Islanders to find and borrow free books and movies from every public library in the state. A few years ago, a Champlin Foundation grant helped us improve the eZone, our digital collection of eBooks and audiobooks that are freely available to all Rhode Island public library cardholders. When patrons asked for the ability to use a library card stored on their smartphone to borrow library materials, the Champlin Foundations made that possible by providing funds to purchase the barcode scanners that were needed to make it happen.

When technology has changed, the Champlin Foundation has made it possible for our public libraries to change with it. Their commitment to Ocean State Libraries has been unbounded and we owe them a debt of gratitude beyond measure.