Feb 19, 2020

Taking Learning to a New Level

The East Providence Public Library has benefitted from the Champlin Foundation’s generous support for many years. In recent years, the vision for East Providence’s first makerspace was found in a closed book-lending branch that has since re-opened as a place that answers the question of “What would you like to learn?” Thanks to The Champlin Foundation, patrons were provided with a plethora of hands-on learning experiences to answer that very question.

The Fuller Creative Learning Center opened its door to the public in June 2016 with a “How-To Festival” utilizing the Center’s teaching kitchen, 3D printer, laptops, and a recording studio.

Since its opening, over 2,500 patrons have visited and participated in the activities, workshops, and events for all ages. The classes taking place have ranged from sewing and quilting to coding for kids to cooking courses, music workshops and much more.

As a result of The Champlin Foundation’s generosity, East Providence Public Library is able to continuously support curious minds and makers alike.