Feb 19, 2020

A Time Honored Mission Continues

The Westerly Armory’s mission is to provide four services: 1) as a venue for community events, 2) as a community museum, 3) as home to the nation’s oldest active community band, and 4) as largest memorial to local veterans of all wars and conflicts in South County. Thanks to the Champlin Foundation, the Armory’s 6,000-sq-ft drill hall has installed a large HVAC (heat, ventilation, air-conditioning) system. This system has meant that the hall can be used 12 months a year, whereas formerly, the hall was almost unusable for 4 months, and the old heating system was noisy.

Already, there has been an increase in both interest and use of the hall which has drawn people to return to visit the museum and learn of the history of the area. The new system has made the Armory highly attractive for organizations and private parties holding events such as dances, banquets, fundraisers, shows, and wedding receptions. These rentals offer support for the operations of the Armory, keeping this historic building open and “alive” for its community, state, and nation.