May 7, 2020

Dear Friends and Partners –

Over the course of its 88-year history, The Champlin Foundation has taken measures to support Rhode Island’s nonprofit community during extraordinary times like the COVID crisis we are currently facing. In late March, we were proud to announce steps we were taking to support Rhode Island’s public health response and core members of our state’s nonprofit community. At that time, we announces a $600,000 gift to the state’s nonprofit hospitals to purchase testing equipment, the establishment of a $1 million emergency capital liquidity fund, and an unprecedented easing of restrictions on some open grants with frontline agencies.

Today, we are excited to share that the Foundation has awarded $1,008,000 in capital liquidity grants to 63 organizations. We have also made a $13,000 out-of-cycle capital grant to purchase thermal scan thermometers for 150 homeless shelters in the state. This gift will allow the state’s emergency shelters to quickly screen staff and guests for symptoms and help mitigate virus spread in our most vulnerable communities. Lastly, we were pleased to work individually with some of our hardest hit grantees. With our board’s approval, we have eased restrictions on more than $1 million of open capital grants, allowing approximately 30 organizations – many of which are directly serving the community through COVID – the flexibility they need to maintain operations during this economic crisis.

In all, The Champlin Foundation’s response to the COVID crisis thus far has surpassed $2.6 million. We believe this represents the largest private philanthropic commitment in Rhode Island.

Thank you for everything you do for our community. As we wrote in March, our mission has not nor will it change. The Champlin Foundation has awarded nearly $600 million to fund capital projects for Rhode Island nonprofit organizations, and capital funding will remain our focus. These investments have fostered better medical care, improved education, expanded access to social services, conservation of open spaces, preservation of historic buildings, enrichment of the arts, advancement of animal welfare and more.

On behalf of the Trustee, the Distribution Committee and the staff, we wish you well and thank you for being part of an overwhelming and inspiring effort to keep Rhode Island safe. As this pandemic continues to impact our lives and economy, we strive to be as effective as we possibly can and direct our philanthropy in the most meaningful direction. Please reach out and let us hear from you about the challenges you face and the work you are doing.

Most Sincerely,

R. Kelly Sheridan, Chair of the Distribution Committee & Nina Stack, Executive Director

CLICK HERE for a full list of organizations that received liquidity fund grants through the emergency RFP