Site Visits

After receiving and reviewing an application, if it is determined a site visit is necessary, applicants will receive the following guidelines. These are important and should be read carefully to insure an effective and efficient visit.

The fact that a site visit is undertaken should not be construed as either a positive or negative regarding the status of an application but simply part of our information gathering to be used when decisions are made at the end of this year’s grant cycle.


  1. Unless otherwise scheduled, site visits should be limited to no more than one (1) hour.
  2. If parking is an issue, we would appreciate a parking space for one car, not necessarily at the front door but just so that we do not have to spend time searching for a space.
  3. Although the gesture is appreciated, we request no food or beverage be provided.
  4. To limit incoming paper, our representatives only need one copy of any handouts, as all materials received are circulated throughout the Champlin office.
  5. Champlin representatives are unable to accept meals or even the smallest of token gifts.
  6. At the time of the visit, the number of people involved in the site visit should be as limited as possible.  Participation should be limited to those who are directly involved with the application and are therefore best equipped to answer our questions.
  7. Keep the focus on your present application.  This is especially true if we have visited before and are familiar with your organization.  There is no need for a general tour unless time permits and/or one is requested.