Grants to Traditional Public Schools

The Champlin Foundation’s competitive grant program in the area of public secondary education focuses exclusively on classroom innovation in RI public schools. Only one application per school will be accepted, and requests will be considered for amounts up to $100,000. Please note that any school with a prior grant that remains open is disqualified from applying until such time that the grant monies have been spent and the final Use of Funds Report has been submitted. The Champlin Foundation alternates between high schools and middle/junior high schools from year to year. In 2020, we will be accepting applications from middle schools and junior high schools only.

Applications must be developed around one clearly defined initiative and should address how the item(s) requested will advance it. Proposals containing multiple unrelated components or general needs will not be considered.

Grant requests are limited to capital items such as classroom equipment, infrastructure and technology. Funding will be considered in the areas of art, science, English, foreign languages, mathematics, music, computer science, drama, physical education, and vocational instruction, as well as interdisciplinary initiatives. Applicants should be aware that we welcome applications related to advanced placement and honors level courses.

A contact person, phone number and email address must be clearly designated for application communications that may be needed throughout the school year and over the summer break.  All requests will be accompanied by a Permission to Proceed form, signed by the superintendent and principal, which you will upload to your online application. For your convenience, a copy of this form is linked below.