Feb 19, 2020

In 2017 Saint Elizabeth Home successfully opened four 8,300 square foot Green House Homes, the first of their kind in Rhode Island.  Since the Green House Homes opened, it has been amazing to watch each of the four houses with twelve residents each become their own little community.  Elders are bonding with each other and forming meaningful friendships.

Kathie Giorgi could see it happen almost immediately.  During her daily visits with her mother, Madeline, Kathie began to notice changes in her.  She had become less quiet and less anxious than she had been living at home.  She was more engaged.  She was laughing.  Madeline was thriving!  She is just one of many impacted by living in the Green House Homes.

We are grateful to The Champlin Foundation for being an instrumental partner in bringing a new concept of eldercare to Rhode Island.