Grantee Communications Toolkit

In addition to supporting the important mission of Champlin grantees through funding for capital projects or equipment, grantees are encouraged to take advantage of a Champlin Foundation grant to help raise awareness of your important role in the communities you serve.

Organizations that have received grants for the current grant period are authorized to incorporate the following templated language in any press release, newsletter, website, blog, email, social media post or other communications vehicle describing your Champlin grant. Be sure to customize this language by inserting your organization’s name where appropriate.

Approved Language Describing Champlin Foundation Grant

The Champlin Foundation is pleased to provide grant funding to [fill in name of organization] to help this important institution (or community non-profit) advance its vital mission. Champlin Foundation grants are awarded on a competitive basis and our grant to [Name of organization] is a reflection of our confidence in the organization’s ability to improve the lives of Rhode Islanders in significant ways.

Approved General Description of the Champlin Foundation

Since 1932, The Champlin Foundation has awarded more than $550 million to fund capital projects and equipment for Rhode Island non-profit organizations. These investments have fostered better medical care, improved education, expanded access to social services, conservation of open spaces, preservation of historic buildings, enrichment of the arts, advancement of animal welfare and more. Quietly and steadfastly, The Champlin Foundation helps those who do good do more – to the benefit of all.

Messaging Suitable for Twitter posts by grantees Following December Grant Awards

We are proud to announce Champlin Foundation funding to enable [name of organization] to advance our vital mission!

Organizations that use authorized Champlin Foundation language in any communications are asked to forward a copy of the communications, or a link to an online reference, to

Harnessing The Champlin Foundation Website to Build Visibility

If your organization is a grantee that would like to share an Equipped for Success story about the impact your organization has had in your community thanks to Champlin Foundation funding, please email