Executive Staff

Keith H. Lang, Executive Director

Photographed at the King Preserve, a nature preserve along the banks of the Narrow River in North Kingstown, Rhode Island. The site was purchased by the Nature Conservancy through Champlin funding in 2015. It was dedicated in 2016 in honor of the late David A. King, our first Executive Director.

Timothy N. Gorham, Esq., Associate Director

Photographed in the new College of Pharmacy Building at the University of Rhode Island. The Champlin Foundation has provided over $15 million in grants to the University of Rhode Island since 1970, including a number of grants to support expansion of the URI Pharmacy program.

Donna M. Sessions, Director of Administration

Photographed at the new Catheterization Lab built at Kent County Memorial Hospital in 2016. This new facility is one of many capital improvements made possible at Kent Hospital thanks to Champlin grants.

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