Feb 19, 2020

Day One is grateful to The Champlin Foundations for supporting us over the years. As the demand for Day One services has increased, so has our staffing and building needs. This rapid expansion resulted in constraints on our operating systems as well as the budget necessary to keep pace with our technology needs. Your generous investment has supported our capital campaign and enabled our agency to upgrade our HVAC system, replace outdated software, hardware, phones and telephone systems. The upgrades made have since improved efficiencies throughout the organization and enabled Day One to better serve the thousands of women, men and children clients who rely on the clinical, advocacy and prevention education services we provide each year. These upgrades allow Day One to better respond to our clients’ needs and serve our wider community. We appreciate The Champlin Foundation’s continued support to allow us to focus on our true mission of reducing the prevalence of sexual abuse and violence as well as to support and advocate for those affected by it.