Champlin Bulletin Board

As a helpful feature on our new website, The Champlin Foundation Bulletin Board will include important information about the grant process as well as reminders about reporting deadlines for current grantees. We encourage you to check in periodically to stay on top of the latest updates.

To make this process easier, we invite you to sign up for Champlin Foundation email updates. By signing up, you’ll receive an email anytime we post a new item to the Bulletin Board. You can sign up through this simple link: Email Sign Up

Application Period Is Now Open

If your organization plans to submit a request, we encourage you to submit as early as possible in the cycle, which opens March 1st and ends April 30th, as we routinely receive approximately 400 applications during this time. The earlier your request is received, the... read more

Champlin Comings & Goings

John Gorham announced his retirement effective December 31, 2017 as Chairman of the Distribution Committee, a position he had held since 1999.  He will continue to serve on the committee, and the members have voted to give him the title Chairman Emeritus.  Succeeding... read more

Champlin Foundation Details 2017 Grant Recipients

In conjunction with the December 2017 announcement of its most recent grant recipients, The Champlin Foundation is pleased to provide this list of recipients: 2017 Grants by Category. Individuals interested in searching the database of all Champlin Foundation grants,... read more
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